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Belizean 1990's Collection

Okay, so I can’t remember exactly where I saw this pattern of wire on bangles growing up, but I do remember seeing them back in the 1990’s and when I came across this wire the other day, I had to get some because it brought back so many memories! I know that this is true for a lot of Belizeans because when I posted it, so many people said that it brought on a feeling of nostalgia! With that, the Belizean 1990s Collection was born. I  hope you enjoy!


1990s HOOPS

Introducing our latest addition: the 1990 hoops, a modern twist on the beloved Belizean Classic bangle. If you're Belizean, ask your granny about this! :)

1990s bangle

Oh my goodness! If this does not bring back  major memories for me, I don't know what does! I wish I could pin exactly where I saw these growing up, but I was so young and can't remember. I asked my Mom if she had some and ofcourse, she didn't. According to Paula from our production team, everyone and their granny had one! Except me, I guess haha!

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