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Hi! I'm Kaj :)  From my little kitchen table at home , I started out incredibly small. I had just a few beads, a tiny bit of wire and some very cheap tools! My main challenge back then was trying to keep my babies (who were ages 1 and 2) from swallowing my beads! 

When I sold my first pair of earring, my life changed.  I immediately knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life making jewelry!  So  I quit my day job and dove in head first! Little did I know,  quitting the surety of a steady paycheck  to jump into entrepreneurship was not as easy as I  imagined!  I struggled for years and then I struggled some more! But I've always known that nothing worth doing comes easy, so I kept on going! 

For the next 3 years, I worked alone. I was the designer, maker, marketer, seller and book keeper on top of being a single mother to 2  toddler girls. Ugh! I was wearing way too many hats.  Still, I kept on going.

When I finally started seeing progress and  realized  the freedom that came from being self sufficient, I discovered my purpose: To help other women become independent. I started training young women, one by one, teaching them everything that I had taught myself so that they too, could start experiencing freedom. 

Fast forward to now, we've evolved into a team of 5 dedicated women working closely  together to produce the best quality of jewelry we possibly can. With each bend, twist and cut, we pay keen attention to  details because we care about what we're creating. We   pour love into our art by simply LOVING what we do. Our hope is that you will love our jewelry just as much as we love creating them for you too :) By the way, that's me, Kaj . Still, working from my kitchen (sometimes)! Ha ha. Some things just never change!

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