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I'm Kaj, and I'm so delighted to know that you made it to my website!  As much as I would love to have treasures available for you to shop here, I am currently in Burlington Vermont participating in the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative fellowship program and learning how to make my business better :) I'll be gone until Mid- July, but all 3 of my beautiful studios will still be open for you to shop readily available treasures in person or on one of our social media platforms. I'll leave pictures and info below :) 

Caye Caulker Studio

San Ignacio Studio


Location: #29 Burns Avenue
Studio Attendant: Leimany
Contact: 615 4828
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat
closed 2-3:15 for Lunch


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Location: Front Street
Studio Attendant: Lilly
Contact: 615 9162
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat
closed 12-1:15 for Lunch


Placencia Studio

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Location: Main Street
Studio Attendant: Kian
Contact: 615 4325
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat
closed 12-1pm for Lunch