Alone, we can do so little. but together we can do so much

~ Helen Keller

We are a Belizean woman owned  and operated small business based in Beautiful Belize.  We create each piece with intention, paying keen attention to details. We focus on fair trade, high quality materials and excellence in craftsmanship. All our treasures are lovingly

handmade to last

meet our team


Hi! I'm Kaj, the founder and owner of this ever evolving business that I've built around love and trust. I'm passionate about jewelry making, but that's only one of the reasons I started this business.  I started it, also, because I come from very humble beginnings that have motivated me to become independent and self-sufficient. In doing so, I realized that I can inspire and help other women to do the same and that's exactly what I've been doing.  I'm continuously invested in the growth and development of each of these amazing women on my team who I'm so proud to introduce...

Meet Karen W:) She has been with us for three years, whoop whoop!

She runs our Placencia studio and oversees our Instagram account. She has recently taken on the role of assistant manager and  she is growing into a firm and dynamic leader. Like every woman on our team, she comes from humble beginnings and she continues to show up and break glass ceilings with her determination.


Say HOLA to Karen C! Yes, we have two Karens on our team :) She is an important part of our production team and is our newly appointed inventory controller. Karen embodies the true essence of a nurturer.  She truly cares about those around her and she shows it! Her cooking skills will knock your socks off and that's why she will always be our go-to-chef for staff get togethers, haha.  

And here's our Alejandra! Perhaps the most quiet woman on our team, she works in silence but her pace packs a punch! Alejandra may be quiet but her craftsmanship is loud. She pays close attention to details and puts loving care into everything she does. 

Say hi to Jenny,  the most energetic member

of our team. She has an admirable eagerness to learn new skills and is

always ready to give any new

challenge a try! It would be impossible not to cheer up when you hear her laughing.... her laugh is insanely contageous!

Meet Ajani, the newest member of our team! She handles all the Facebook messages and she also manages one of our WhatsApp numbers. Talk about multi-tasking! Ajani is a recent high school grad and her eagerness to learn and step out her comfort zone makes her a perfect fit for our team :)